The significance of the WFTU International Day Action 2018

POR Francisco Sousa

Publicado em 03 de outubro de 2018

When we reflect about the results of the globalization process and see how it was the base of the neoliberal wage in the end of the last Century, we realize that their promises did not happened. After all, even in societies totally interconnected, we still have an unequal, unsafety and sick world. Social injustice is, unfortunately, the most terrible legacy of that period and it is impossible to find any solution coming from the heads of that neoliberal wage.

Nowadays, the financial capitalism, anxious for assure the stability of its profitability, takes off the basic rights of the people, excluding vulnerable groups to join any public policies, especially the Social Security. Those policies were the basis of the Welfare State and helped the economic politics of the free market, in a counterpointe to any Marxist point of view, in which the State and the public policies mark the divergences between both models.

Sensible to that historical duality and in the middle of a current ultraliberal wage, WFTU remarks as a point of debate and struggle in its International Action Day 2018 “Ensure Social Security and Free Healthcare for All”. The international working class answers to that call and subscribe the slogans: Working week of 35h (7h per day, 5 days a week), collective bargaining, Trade Union and democratic freedoms, Solidarity with the Palestinian People.

Trade Union of International Metal and Mining (TUIMM) joins this WFTU call and orients all organizations affiliated to promote, on October 3rd 2018, huge activities among the miners and metalworkers from all around the world. The unity against the social inequality is our strategy. Keeping with the capitalist system is the worst option to solve the current economic crisis.

Against the inequality; end of deaths and illness; for a real Social Security; for a universal Healthcare System; against the capitalism barbarism: unity is the solution!

Long live to WFTU!

Long live to the International Action Day!

Francisco Sousa is the general secretary of Trade Union of International Metal and Mining (TUIMM).

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